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Scented candles from REYK - three types

Scented candles from REYK - three types

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Smell the scent of Christmas, gorse or figs.

Christmas - This irresistible, frugal fragrance that surrounds the home in the run-up to Christmas. Aromas of spruce, cinnamon, cloves and various other things that evoke warm memories of Christmas.

Blóðgreip - On the breakfast table of my youth, there were often cross-cut bloodstains on the tables. Scent of juicy citrus.

Figs - Figs are reminiscent of the scent of the leaves of the fig tree when the sun shines and the fruit ripens on the tree. Aromas of figs and green herbs.

The burning time of the scented candle is about 40 hours. There are no unwanted toxins in the candles. The candles are handmade in small quantities, vegan and lead-free.
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