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Hjólastóll án sessu til leigu

Hjólastóll án sessu til leigu

Regular price 2.990 ISK
Regular price Sale price 2.990 ISK
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Skattur innifalinn.
Size (Seat Width)
Renting for how long?
Raised footrest
We have both the Excel G-Evolution wheelchair and the DRIVE Rotec, but they are available in four sizes. Both are very portable, but we have rented the Excel chair abroad because it has no seat and is therefore even more portable.
The Drive chair is better for longer.

Price list

1 day – ISK 2,990
4 days – ISK 8,990
1 week – ISK 10,990
2 weeks – ISK 18,990
3 weeks – ISK 24,990
4 weeks – ISK 29,990

Each excess day 1,000 ISK

Send us an email at if you want to have the product sent.
Otherwise, we expect you to come to us at Hátún 12, 105 Reykjavík

NOTE: delivery costs ISK 5,000 in the greater capital area, we also send abroad at the renter's expense.

All our products are carefully cleaned and disinfected between customers.
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